Village Home Show Presents Our First Episode!

Village Home Stores is proud to share our first episode of the Village Home Show! Our show gives viewers a chance to learn about our completed projects in the Quad Cities area. We hope it will give you great ideas for your next home project from the kitchen to the bath and beyond. We are honored that our customers have chosen Village Home Stores to help make their houses feel even more like home, and we are excited that we can share the experience with our viewers. Press play below to watch:


Each episode will be a before and after story of a few recent projects. This episode is on the set of WQAD TV where we are building their kitchen set. You can see how it took shape from conception to completion! You will also get to enjoy other remodeled homes right hear in the Quad Cities area.

WQAD – TV Moline, IL On Set Kitchen

The first project is at WQAD TV in Moline, IL. Everything in the kitchen is working and will be used on shows at different times. You will see the kitchen be used on air which is exciting in itself!


The design includes a large batwing shaped peninsula with a corner sink. It continues on to gas cooktop. It is capped off with a pub height tabletop complete with stools. The table top can be used in on-air interviews apart from the main WQAD set. Along the walls in the back, you can see a counter depth refrigerator and wall oven combination with a microwave. There is a tall pantry that has sliding shelves and an X-style wine rack included. You will notice a glass door cabinet centered in the space, to add interest. The countertops are Cambria Quartz. We had an expert stop by to tell us more about these Cambria Quartz tops. VillageHomeShowS1E1.4

Kitchen Remodel One:

The first before and after on our first episode is a fresh look for an outdated kitchen. The layout worked for the homeowners but the only thing that was kept from the original design was the hardwood floors. The new kitchen is bright and beautiful! Painted birch cabinets from the Koch Classic Line adorn the walls. There is a Whirlpool side by side refrigerator with a much bigger pantry and a double range that gives many baking options.

VillageHomeShow S1E1.6


Gone are the old laminate countertops, replaced with a beautiful granite countertops. Where the old desk used to be there is a china hutch with a custom built look. It has glass doors and a furniture valance in the toespace. What a great way to hide away things that used to clutter the space before. Something extra special in the space is a mosaic tile backsplash. It blends beautifully with the stainless, ceramic, and glass. It is not only the bigger things in this space that make it special, but those small things as well that create a beautiful and welcoming space!

VillageHomeShow S1E1.7

There is a special cabinet in the kitchen that is located to the left of the range. It is called a blind corner cabinet. Some people shudder when they hear this, but this is a great design! It has half-moon shaped shelves that swing and slide making it very easy to use the whole space.

Kitchen Remodel Two:

We now move on a great before and after story from our hometown of Geneseo, IL. The kitchen in the home was all original oak, and was in need of a fresh look. The main
goal was to make a more functional use of the space. It has been updated with cherry
kitchen cabinets and granite countertops.


The new hardwood floors are stunning and run throughout the kitchen and dining areas. We added built-in stainless steel appliances from Kitchenaid. With undercabinet lighting, they can change the feel of the room by dimming the lights. We removed a laundry room wall which allowed for space for two pantry cabinets on either side of the oven with the new design.VillageHomeShow S1E1.3

Be sure to watch this episode because there is a wonderful backdoor bench area right inside the garage entry. What busy family wouldn’t want that!? What a great place to enter the home and get items stored right away before you go any further. VillageHomeShow S1E1.5

There is an all new wet bar area just outside the kitchen which is great for entertaining. This is a wonderful, busy family that now can make better use of their space with the new layout and design! They even have a wonderful new desk area with extra storage and a USB outlet for charging phones and other devices.

Find Out More About These Projects!

Be sure to check out the Village Home Stores blog where we feature new projects and products every week. You can see our portfolio of work on our award-winning Houzz page. Stop out at see us at our showroom in Downtown Geneseo, IL or give us a call at (309) -944-1344.



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