Local Kitchen Remodels Before & After

Welcome to Episode 6 of the Village Home Show. In this episode we will share with you the before and after stories of two remodeled kitchens right in our local area. Also in this episode, an expert in tile will discuss options and the latest trends in kitchen tile. We will also take a close look at the backsplash surfaces selected for each kitchen.

A Backsplash Adds Texture and Style to Your Space

The 18″ space from your kitchen countertop to the bottom of your wall cabinetry is a great surface to express your personal style. If you have a larger area of wall above a cooktop, range, or kitchen sink you have even more of an opportunity to add texture and style to your space.

The before photos featured in this episode may look familiar to many of the viewers in this area. Many of the homes in the Quad City area were built in the 1950′s. Many of the kitchens that we remodel have similar before photos.

In this kitchen remodel, imagine this kitchen with just a painted wall instead of this stylish Walker Zanger tile. The unique lines of the shape and even the matte finish texture of the tile add a lot to the overall look.

Backsplash Trends and Options

There are various categories of tile material that can be installed in a kitchen backsplash. These Backsplash by Village Home Stores are:Backsplash by Village Home Stores

  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Natural Stone
  • Combinations of all of these

Customers select the backsplash material based on personal preference, installation and design. Customers do not have to choose just one type of tile and install it throughout. Village Home Stores has experts that can help in selection, design and installation.

One of the questions that comes up is do you choose the countertop first or the tile material for the backsplash. This all comes down to personal preference again. Whether you choose the countertop first or the tile, one will help you to decide the other. If a customer is trying to narrow down a countertop color, finding a tile they love will help make that decision.

Some of the trends that we are seeing within the past year and moving into the year to come are lots of B-Roll and response classic and timeless looks. People tend to avoid installing trendy materials.

The materials are priced by the square foot with an option to add installation costs. If a customer is interested in getting a quote, they can contact the experts at Village Home Stores for a quote on the materials and square footage of the area.

This Remodeled Rock Island Kitchen Added Storage

The original kitchen in this Rock Island home included an entire empty wall offering no storage During remodel by Village HOme Storesat all. If this kitchen was going to get remodeled it needed to be done to use the space much smarter and open it up to the areas nearby.

The white thermofoil cabinetry and black and white flecked laminate countertops were in need of an update and the original layout was cramped and crowded for more than one user. A front living room and adjacent dining room surrounded the original kitchen in this ranch home with the kitchen walled off from these spaces. The goal of the new design from Village Home Stores was to create one open space including all of the same zones.

In the new design, seating has been added to the area of wall that was removed from the existing kitchen. This shifted the dining room table to move into the front room area. A hallway down to the left includes an existing built-in linen cabinet that will also get replaced with cabinetry to match the kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel From Floor to Ceiling

Brand new maple hardwood was installed throughout and gives this home a warmth to the new Before remodel by Village Home Stores kitchen in a way that could not be matched with any tile or laminate. New interior doors and trim were also installed to keep all of the wood finished in a similar wood tone throughout.

Birch wood cabinetry in the seneca door style and briarwood stain and a black accent glaze are perfectly paired with the Cambria quartz counters in the Blackwood design. On the sink wall the tile on the wall truly grabs your attention. This backsplash time is a wonderful example of one that makes a big impact. This cappuccino linear mosaic tile is illuminated by our diode led system beneath the wall cabinetry. The tile even reflects onto the dark Cambria tops in a way that mirrors the tile back onto the tops.

The original kitchen included just the sink wall of cabinetry and a small area for the range in another location. After remodel by Village Home StoresWith three windows and three doorways in this room, the available wall space was limited. The new kitchen design includes a built-in hutch in the old location of the range. This allows a place to display items above but also offers up the perfect location for serving from when entertaining.

The range is now located between the two windows and surrounded by wall and base cabinetry in a symmetrical layout. A microwave hood is framed in by varied depths and heights to create interest.

We removed the grid ceiling and tiles and replace it with a new plastered one adding texture and the opportunity to include a lighting plan with recess cans and a ceiling fan centered in the space.

This kitchen is a great opportunity to point out how to handle the areas where there isn’t a clear starting or stopping point to the backsplash. At the sink, there is a clear place where your eye expects the tile to end and the painted wall to begin. The area near the range is different. In this case, the tile cuts down directly from the cabinet end point and travels to meet the tile from the bar-height top area to the left.

Not everyone wants the look of a stainless hood in their space. A wood hood can be ordered to match the kitchen cabinets. With all of the new cabinetry extending up to the ceiling with crown molding, there is no way to stagger the wood hood. The designer from Village Home Stores created interest with a slight change in depth and the addition of an arched paneled shelf above.

Instead of an over-the-range microwave, the microwave was installed on the new refrigerator wall. This a wonderful solution for keeping the countertop free of appliances.

Village Home Stores has a full project management program. We manage complete remodels from start to finish. We coordinate and schedule crews to get your project finished in as reasonable of a timeframe as possible and to the level of quality we would expect in our own homes.

Our main goal is to get your job completed correctly and allow you, the homeowner to move back in and begin building new memories in your new kitchen from Village Home Stores. If you are building a new home, our new construction customers can bundle their purchases throughout the whole store and get free lighting for their home.

Contact Village Home Stores today for any of your remodeling or new construction needs. We have the products and professionals to get the job done and get you into your beautiful new kitchen. Contact us today!