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A Prophetstown, IL Remodeled Kitchen and Two Baths:

In this episode of the Village Home Show we tour a whole home of completed remodel projects. A kitchen gets a whole new look (but keeps 80% of the original cabinetry) plus two remodeled bathrooms. Press play below to watch.

The kitchen in this home was ready for a refresh in style and features but the cabinetry was already fine. We hear this a LOT when talking to new customers or customers considering a remodel. What do I do if I want a “new” kitchen but my current one is just fine? We can help!

Watch Quad Cities Area kitchen and bathrooms transform on the Village Home Show. | VillageHomeShow.com

In this case, we were able to keep the original Oak cabinetry in the perimeter of the space and add to the kitchen elements that encourage a mixed materials look. The result: a gorgeous kitchen you will love touring in this episode! Mixed woods, metal finishes, and textures including hammered copper and KitchenAid’s new Black Stainless Steel finish.

Watch Quad Cities Area kitchen and bathrooms transform on the Village Home Show. | VillageHomeShow.com

A weathered, distressed and painted finish on a new island from DuraSupreme cabinetry plus a unique backpanel design you will love. We also installed new flooring in the kitchen (modeled below by a very adorable client). The Hickory hardwood floors are from our Hallmark line. We love the look of the Hickory in the overall mix of materials.

Watch Quad Cities Area kitchen and bathrooms transform on the Village Home Show. | VillageHomeShow.com

New tile flooring was installed in the Sunroom and two bathrooms also got a new look. The first is a Hall Bath that includes natural textures and finishes in a warm gray palette. In addition to new tiled flooring, a custom tiled shower is installed with a cascading mosaic tile accent along the back wall. A custom glass shower door gives a clean, and clear view into the shower and keeps the overall room feeling spacious and bright.

VillageHomeShow S2E1.4

Down the hall is the Master Suite in the home. In this episode we tour the new bathroom retreat for the home. We converted an area to now include a large double vanity cabinet wall, linen cabinet area, a private water closet for the toilet, a beautiful tub area, an an incredible custom tiled shower.

Watch Quad Cities Area kitchen and bathrooms transform on the Village Home Show. | VillageHomeShow.com

Have you ever seen a faucet and sin combination like this!? These artglass vessels and faucets are so unique and we just love that our client fell in love with them. With two installed on the vanity wall, it is like having a water feature in your own spa getaway. You truly must watch this episode to see the over all look and feel of this new Master Suite.

Watch Quad Cities Area kitchen and bathrooms transform on the Village Home Show. | VillageHomeShow.com

Have questions about something you have seen in this episode? Or are you ready to start the conversation about your own project with us? Your first step to answers is to contact your regional Kitchen and Bath experts at Village Home Stores. Call us at 309-944-1344 or send us an email at info@villagehomestores.com. We can’t wait to hear what you are working on.



Two Bathroom Remodels Plus Some Amazing Switches and Outlets

We welcome you to watch Episode 7 of the Village Home Show! In this episode of the show we are excited to share two remodeling stories of local bathrooms that get a huge reboot! We have shown many kitchen remodels, but this time we are exploring bathrooms. Another topic we are excited to cover in this episode is new options for outlets and light switches. They really are something special.

Spacious Bettendorf Iowa Bathroom Gets a Makeover

The first bathroom we look at in this episode had a ton of space already. The homeowners were right in knowing that just a few changes could really make it really suit their needs. Village Homes Stores gave it a warm, neutral look with a traditional style that creates an amazing getaway for the homeowners. A bench seat was added and a beautiful tiled shower area really completes the look. With glass on two sides, it creates an amazing open look.

VillageHomeShow S7E1.1

A 5 Star Bathroom Retreat in Colona, IL

A lot went into the preparations for the second bathroom we have to share with you on this episode. The original bathroom had a very large layout with lots of great natural light. The homeowners were looking for ways to make better use of their space. The entire bathroom was demo-ed including the master bedroom attached to the bath. The tiled tub pedestal and wood apron were removed to make way for the new freestanding tub. An arched tray ceiling above the new tub frames in the statement wall that draws your eye from the unique tub to the new light above it.

VillageHomeShow S7E1.2

The shower goes into the same location but there is an addition of a bench seat, custom wall shelf, and new shower head and control system. What an incredible space to use! A mosaic tile is repeated in a bathtub wall niche, in the new custom shower, and again behind the mirrors in each vanity area.

VillageHomeShow S7E1.6

A stunning chandelier now hangs in the new bathtub area. This fixture is a warm, champagne gold finish that pairs will with other metals and brings warmth and a unique reflection to the tub area.

VillageHomeShow S7E1.7

We are pretty jealous of this new spacious and stylish tub area. But don’t think that all that open space will give you a chill. We did install a heated flooring system beneath the tile before it was installed. Exiting the shower or the bathtub, your bare feet with be greeted with warmth.

VillageHomeShow S7E1.4

Smart Finishing Touches

The Adorne Collection from Legrande can put a stylish and smart finish on any project in your home. This collection of switches, dimmers, and solutions is quite amazing. There are options like taptouch switches and softtap dimmers that look as good as they are functional.

VillageHomeShow S7E1.5


Other options include pop-up outlets, wave controled switches and amazingly – outlets with USB ports. The switchplates are another way to be unique in your space and show your style. There are white units, brushed stainless steel, woods, leathers, and even vibrant colors!

If you have any questions about any of these amazing fixtures, switches, and finishes, let us know. Also remember that we are a full service remodeling company. From the design to project completion, our project management team is there for you. From amazing kitchen remodels to fresh looking bathrooms with all the modern touches, Village Home Stores can do it all. We hope you enjoyed this episode of Village Home Show, and call us if you have any questions!