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The Kitchen Island

In this episode of Village Home Show, we will show you two absolutely amazing kitchens, each showcasing wonderful island designs. We also will share with you many more examples of great kitchen islands. Then Village Home Stores lighting expert Keri joins us to show us some great ways to shed some light above your kitchen island.

We are so lucky to get to work on many new homes and remodeled spaces in Quad Cities area and beyond in Illinois and Iowa. For our show, we have been welcomed into some of those great spaces so that we can share them with you. One of the things that we are excited to share is an item that has evolved a lot over the years: The Kitchen Island. It can be a work station, family meeting area, serving area, or even a main dining area. Since the kitchen island is usually the center of your kitchen space, entire kitchens can be planned around them.

Kitchen Island Excellence in Orion, Illinois

The original layout of the kitchen we share from Orion included an extension off the wall that had seating available. You might hear this called a kitchen peninsula. The new island is almost four times the size of the original! You will note in the new design that the back side of the island is now the location of an eat in seating area.

VillageHomeShow S1E4.6

The island has a nice, consistent look all throughout, from every angle! The entire kitchen has been opened up. You can see that it opens into the front room and nearby dining area of the home. You can easily see how this is a wonderfully cohesive space. It’s the perfect island for this space and this Orion, Illinois family will be enjoying it for years to come. We love this kitchen!

VillageHomeShow S1E4.1

Lighting Ideas For Above Your Kitchen Island

Every kitchen island is very different, with different functions for each family. The number of light fixtures can vary because of your specific needs. Many time large pendants in pairs will be utilized and this is a trend we are seeing more of. It’s important to consult an expert to know if a fixture will work well for the space, and the height that pendant should be hung at.


Our team at Village Home Stores are experts at finding the right lighting for your kitchen island. Whether you are doing homework, or having a late dinner, the right lighting can make all the difference. We have many lighting options at our showroom and cataloged online. Come into our store anytime so we can show you many fun examples of lighting for your own kitchen.

Kitchen Island Versatility for Quad Cities Area Homes

The kitchen island is the center for all the hustle and bustle of your home. You eat meals around it, gather as family around it, prepare meals, do homework. It needs to be a highly functional, versatile area for your family. Islands are commonly included in new homes because kitchens are naturally being built larger now. That doesn’t mean your existing kitchen can’t include an island design. Your designer from Village Home Stores can help you configure the perfect kitchen island design for your home. We will be keeping you and your family in mind during the design process. VillageHomeShow S1E4.5

Grand Kitchen Island in Geneseo, IL

The second kitchen tour you see in this episode is located in a historic home in Geneseo, IL. This home includes an island that allows us to showcase all the heights available you can design into your own kitchen island. A standard kitchen countertop measures 36 inches from floor to countertop and is found in the example in Geneseo. There is another section that is called “bar-height” and it measures 42 inches. This can be bumped up to 48 inches if needed.

VillageHomeShow S1E4.2

The seating section on our example is at dining height. The bench area built into the island has been installed to sit at the same height as a dining chair and table. With this island and kitchen design example, you can watch and see just how customized your kitchen island space can be. From where the paper towels are placed, to keeping in mind user traffic and appliance use. We really do keep every little detail in mind when we are designing your kitchen and kitchen island.

VillageHomeShow S1E4.3

Thanks for watching this episode of Village Home Show! If you have any questions or are interested in your own kitchen island design or have questions about lighting get started by calling us at 309-944-1344! We can’t wait to hear from you.



Kitchen Storage Solutions in the Quad Cities Area from Village Home Stores!

On the third episode of the Village Home Show our staff wants to share with you a before and after story of a home in Rock Island, Illinois where Village Home Stores remodeled the kitchen space. We will also be taking a trip to Lynn Center, Illinois to show you a new kitchen with tons of incredible features to help give you ideas for your kitchen. We also like to share information about useful products from time to time, and we would like to also share information from our cabinet expert from Dura Supreme to show you all the amazing storage solutions that are included at the station kitchen we have here at WQAD.

For the projects featured in this episode we are going to take a special look at the kitchen designs to show you can truly make the most of the space you have in your kitchen.

A Rock Island, IL Kitchen Remodel:

This Rock Island kitchen needed more space and lots more storage for the home owners. In the original kitchen the space was just too crowded if more than one person was in the kitchen. If you look at the new kitchen design, we removed the hallway wall and a supporting header was installed above.

VillageHomeShow S1E3.6


There was now space for a two level island in the new kitchen! This adds tons of preparation space and a great place for family and guests to gather around. We removed the soffits above the existing cabinets and included new cabinetry that reaches all the way to the ceiling that also adds more storage space.

VillageHomeShow S1E3.8

Natural Hickory cabinetry adds character and warmth to the space! There are a lot of great storage cabinets in this design so don’t miss watching the episode to see them in action! VillageHomeShow S1E3.5

Dura Surpreme: Experts on Storage Space for Your Quad City Kitchen

We make it our goal at Village Home Stores to find the very best in cabinet space, and we want to help you know how to use it to it’s fullest. Our set at WQAD has many examples of amazing storage solutions. In this episode we welcomed John from Dura Surpreme to help us understand all our options. VillageHomeShow S1E3.1

We knew that the station set was going to get plenty of use by many guests. We choose to install Dura Surpreme because of their solid construction, but an added benefit is the style and usability. John showed how important it is that the drawers are solid and the guides can easily handle the weight of the content of those cabinet drawers.

Gorgeous Countryside Kitchen in Lynn Center, IL

Next we tour a beautiful kitchen in Lynn Center, IL. The space has absolutely beautiful views of the countryside and the large great room it sits within. This kitchen has modern storage features, but manages to maintain the rustic look that was just right for this country living space.

VillageHomeShow S1E3.2

Rustic beech cabinets from our Koch Classic line are the perfect choice if you want to add a rustic look to your space. It has a beautiful stone backed island that you can’t help but notice right away. The stone adds texture and interest in this beautiful kitchen. The natural stone countertops complement the space just beautifully. The stone was mined in Brazil and has a ton of character.

VillageHomeShow S1E3.4

Many options are included for storage including double bin cabinets for recycling, pull out waste baskets, lazy susans, and a large pantry. There is even a hidden TV behind pocket doors right above the refrigerator! One really exciting feature is the brew express coffee system that is built into the kitchen wall to keep the counter clutter and cord free. This system is available from Village Home Stores and can be retrofitted into your existing kitchen space. Don’t miss watching this tour on the show. The hidden pantry is amazing!

VillageHomeShow S1E3.3

A rustic kitchen that is also clutter free and full of character makes for another beautiful completed space in the Quad Cities Area from Village Homes Stores. We are proud to serve the Quad Cities in Illinois and Iowa for their kitchen remodeling needs, and are one of the largest providers of materials for new homes and new home construction in the Quad Cities. Don’t forget that in addition to occasional discounts, you can bundle your purchases from us to claim free lighting for your home! Call us anytime with any questions about our process and where you need to start. (309) 944-1344.