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A Remodeled Kitchen and Laundry Room in Erie, IL

In this episode we head to a home Erie, IL where we have remodeled a kitchen and nearby laundry space. We also have an expert guest Angela who tells us about our flooring options in the kitchen. Press play below to watch.

The kitchen in this episode is warm and inviting. We tour many of the new layout choices made to help make the most of the available space. Koch cabinetry and Hampshire Cambria Quartz counters are featured alongside an appliance package from Whirlpool.
VillageHomeShow S2E2.1

A wide peninsula divides the new kitchen area from the rest of the Great Room. A raised bar-height top adds seating and serving space to the design. There are plenty of great storage cabinets in the new kitchen. Be sure to watch this kitchen tour to see features like sliding shelves, angled end cabinets, and pull-out cuttingboards.
Watch Quad Cities Area kitchen and bathrooms transform on the Village Home Show. | VillageHomeShow.com

Just around the corner from the new kitchen is a bathroom that has been arranged to include a front-load laundry pair with folding counter. A tall linen cabinet is perfect for storing cleaning supplies and a hanging rod is installed between cabinetry right above the laundry. Having the laundry area centrally located in a busy household is becoming a very popular home feature for our new construction customers and we are beginning to see this choice made when available in remodels. VillageHomeShow S2E2.3

As you have seen in this episode, we can help as little or as much as you would like. The project featured here was completed using the Complete Project Management Program at Village Home Stores. That means we managed every single step from start to finish. This keeps your project on track for time and budget. Have a question about something you saw in this episode? Ready to start the conversation about your own before and after story with Village Home Stores?  Give us a call at 309-944-1344 or email us at info@villagehomestores.com



Tour a Remodeled Kitchen and a Granite Warehouse

Welcome to Episode 5 of the Village Home Show! In this episode of our show we are excited to share with you the wonderful before and after story of a kitchen we remodeled in Rock Island, Illinois. It features a stunning glass backsplash and some amazing, rich wood you are sure to love. Then we take a trip to Epic Stone in Davenport, IA to give you a tour of their location and all the wonderful options they have for natural stone countertops. We are then visited by a lighting expert who shows us some L.E.D. lighting systems featured in many of our kitchens, including the set at WQAD!

Rich Woods & Glass Backsplash Make this New Rock Island Kitchen Shine

Village Home Stores was able to help take a cramped kitchen to a dazzling new level with our full project management from start to finish. The family needed more space and a load of style. The new kitchen is so dramatic and stunning and of course, you will notice the cabinetry right away. The kitchen may have a cherry look, but it is in fact a birch wood with a burgundy stain applied.

VillageHomeShow S5E1.6


It is a rich look at a fraction of the cost. Cambria quartz countertops with a beautiful glass subway tile backsplash in a coordinating color. The countertop look is clean and traditional, but also very fresh and new. The diode under cabinet lighting really sets things off.

VillageHomeShow S5E1.1

A Tour of Epic Stone in Davenport, Iowa

Natural materials can be a great investment for your home. They offer a storied history of how they came to be. Marbles, granite, and soapstone are a few of the natural stone options you can see in this episode as we tour Epic Stone LLC in Davenport, IA.

VillageHomeShow S5E1.3


This episode allows us to show you many great examples with the help of Jeff at Epic Stone. They have a gigantic selection of stones to choose from at their locally owned warehouse. You can hand-select the stone for your project and our expert fabricators team up with Epic Stone to make it perfect for your project. Thank you so much to Jeff Bass for showing us around!

Elizabeth Round and Jeff Bass tour Epic Stone.

Elizabeth Round and Jeff Bass tour Epic Stone.

Diode L.E.D. Lighting For Tour Quad Cities Home

L.E.D. stands for light emitting diode and L.E.D. lighting doesn’t emit as much heat, uses less energy than standard lighting, and has a longer life span. You can use this type of lighting under cabinets, above toekicks, outdoors, and even under water. You can also get other colors to really change things up. Lighting Expert Keri Swanberg answers our questions about this product and shares examples of installed spaces that use it.

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If you are interested in Diode L.E.D Lighting, or if you have any questions about this episode of Village Home Show just call us. We want to reiterate that we are a full service home improvement store. Come visit our showroom and see all that we have to offer. You won’t find a more full service remodeling project management group in the Quad Cities Region. (309) 944-1344.